Continuing with the development plans, we were able to certify another product from the program of gas appliances - CAMP STOVE. Testing of our product was carried out by the notified body ,,SGS" from Turkey (NB 2218) in accordance with the standards and requirements of the GAD Directive 2009/142/EC and harmonized standards.

This certificate confirms that the production of the camp stove is in accordance to European standards and requirements, which allows us to use and put on the product CE mark.

Working on certification of products, especially from the production programe Tools on propane-butane gas, the our burning kettles have been tested according to standard EN 497:1997 and in accordance with the standards and the essential requirements of the European directive Gas Appliances Directive (GAD) 2009/142/EC by ,,Končar institute", service of product certification SCERT.

We are proud to announce that Metaloplastika included production of camp stoves in its production program. In order to develop and innovate, Metaloplastika started producing camp stove by world standards.

In accordance with the development plan and aim to increase tehnical capabilities Metaloplastika recently in its production facilities has a new machine type CNC HAAS TM-2P.

In accordance with our plans, „Metaloplastika“ acquired the right to use Pi character in the production and placement of valve for bottles of  LPG 5-15 kg. We have adjusted our production of valves with the technical standard EN ISO 15995 and EU directives in the field of transportable equipment under pressure.